Updated information for Corona Covid-19

Our actions so far:

– We carry out continuous risk assessments. Local emergency response groups within each region are initiated and report to the central emergency response group.

– We are in contact with our suppliers to identify risks in the supplier flow in order to take any possible disruption into account as far as possible.

– Work with our customers should be carried out as usual, but unnecessary physical contact should be avoided as far as possible.

– Other external meetings will be conducted as planned, but physical meetings will be replaced if possible for digital meetings.

– As part of reducing the risk of spreading infection, Coromatic employees are asked to work from home if possible and all internal meetings take place digitally.

– The staff from Coromatic that you meet are healthy and symptom-free and have been instructed in how to behave to limit the risk of spread.

Travel Guidelines

This applies to business trips

Coromatic follows the Ministry of Foreign Affairs travel recommendations and does not currently send any employees on business trips abroad.

In addition to the above, the quarantine rules continue to apply to trips to the following countries:
• Hong Kong
• Malaysia
• Singapore
• Korea
• Thailand
• Iran
• Japan
• All of Italy
• France regions, Alsace, Lorriane, and Champagne-Ardenne

The general recommendation is that the employee who has been in the above countries should work from home 14 days after returning home if possible without affecting the job.

This applies to private trips

To limit the spread of infection, consider whether your private trips are necessary.

If an employee returns from a private trip from one of the above countries, or has been in contact with people who have recently visited one of these countries, they should contact their manager before returning to the workplace. Appropriate measures are decided in consultation with the manager.

If a contracted supplier, contractor, consultant or other external partner is affected by the following guidelines, contact the responsible / contact person at Coromatic for a discussion on possible measures.

Sources of information

In these times, it is important that we have access to the right information at the right time. Below sources use for information retrieval for internal use in the organization and in communication with our stakeholders.