• All modern operations are digitalised in some way

    Today, all operations are digitalised in some way or another, both business processes and various company-wide functions. This allows us to constantly work from different locations and always stay connected. Not least in the office, where we take for granted that we can move from different meetings, common areas and back to the desk without losing contact with the network and important systems.

  • Access to data is a crucial factor

    Access to data is a crucial factor in all areas of life today, for companies, authorities and public services. There is simply no room for disruptions in data traffic. At the same time, there is a wealth of different services, applications and systems which control how we access data, as well as a variety of delivery models whereby data is stored, whether these are cloud services or individually tailored IT infrastructures. Regardless, data will always need to be distributed from and stored in a physical location, today and in the future, and this is where the data center comes in. Like the heart in the circulatory system, the data center is the digital heart in every company or agency network.

  • Site Assessment is a service performed by Coromatic to connect the present infrastructure to business strategy.

    Mission critical infrastructure such as data centers and critical communication are crucial for any business, and the cost or impact of downtime could be severe. Businesses need to run 24/7, and management teams need to have access to the right information anywhere – and at any time. So how will physical and logical IT risks be managed so they go hand in hand with business development initiatives, and will the focus on sustainability be reflected by those initiatives?

  • We manage the operation of your mission critical sites

    As a non-core business for most organizations, the operation of critical sites imposes heavy demands and can be costly, still these sites are mission critical for the entire business. Coromatic has a service portfolio which can relieve this business pain and take responsibility for the ongoing operation of mission-critical sites and make sure that they operate at peak functionality 24/7.

  • We provide 24/7/365 service maintenance of your mission critical sites

    Stable power and data communication supply plays a crucial role in maintaining the operation of almost any of today’s organizations. In our digitalized society, there is no room for power failure or disruption in data communication. Ensuring the right level of maintenance in time and securing high uptime levels requires a professional provider of maintenance. This is why Coromatic is dedicated to helping organizations of all sizes and ensuring continuous supply of power and data communication, for uninterrupted business 24/7.

  • We enable companies and organizations to run their operations without disruption

    Digitalization makes things possible that we could once only dream about, while challenging traditional business models. Digitalization helps companies save time and money, while making more products and services available to more customers at a lower cost. We will see many exciting opportunities and applications emerge in the future.

  • Strategic management advice for secure and sustainable operations

    Digitalization enables things that we could once only dream about, while challenging traditional business models. Although digitalization brings many new opportunities, it also places entirely new demands on infrastructure, with seemingly basic aspects as power supply and data communication becoming crucial for maintaining operations. Operations need to run 24/7, and management teams need to have access to the right information anywhere – and at any time.

  • Uninterruptible power and emergency power

    Critical Power is a collective name for systems that guarantee uninterruptible and seamless power delivery, which is crucial if operations are to run smoothly in the long term. The field of Critical Power has also become more important with the rapid digital trend and the need for a reliable supply of electricity. Today, we can see that more functions are business-critical, which has raised the priority given to the issue of power supply and emergency power.

  • Non Sonus OSD C100 NS

    A highly soundproofed superstructure made from a sandwich construction from our own factory with variable speed electric fans that ensures low noise levels. This allows for use within urban areas, even during evenings and weekends.