Coromatic - service av ventilation

Ventilation service

What matters most to you?

  • Avoiding interruptions or downtime
  • Getting the right and timely help from service technicians’
  • Completing statutory services
  • Getting an overview of your critical facilities
  • Getting the right service skills for your facilities

… or something completely different?

What should you pay special attention to in connection with the servicing and maintenance of your ventilation system?

  • The air flow being measured and assessed
  • All technical information on pressure being measured and assessed
  • Any errors and deficiencies that make the operation financially unsound
  • Stop, frost and fire tests being carried out
  • All points in the VENT service being completed
  • A VENT label with the latest service date being applied
  • Optimisation of functionality for better-operating finances and savings on heating and energy costs

The ventilation system is a critical function in your business, and it is therefore important that it is inspected regularly.


With a service agreement from Coromatic, you get:

  • Nation-wide assistance from technical experts, 24/7
  • A tailor-made service agreement that meets your exact needs
  • Service reports regarding work performed
  • 24/7 access to the service centre by phone or email
  • Single point of contact – a single phone number for servicing all your installations

What are the benefits of transferring responsibility to Coromatic?

When you hand over responsibility for your critical facilities to us, you get time to take care of key areas of your business. Not only will you get access to the expertise of the Swedish service organisation, but also our entire Nordic network of service technicians, who are specially trained to take care of all types of critical infrastructure.

Do you want to know more about how we can help you secure your ventilation system?
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