Quality, environment and security

Continous work with quality and environment

Within Coromatic we work actively with quality and environment in order to meet our customers’ needs. We are always working to exceed their expectations in the services we perform as well as the service we provide. Our employees actively contribute with their professional expertise and commitment to provide high quality and strive for continuous improvements.

Coromatic quality and environment policy

Environmental policy

Coromatic operates with limited environmental impact and with regard to economic and technological conditions. Employees are aware of, and contribute to reducing the company’s and customers’ environmental performance and strives for continuous improvement.

Endorser of energy efficiency in data centers

Coromatic is an endorser of EU Code of Conduct for Energy efficiency in Data centres. This means yet another step in strengthening our profile in green IT. In practical terms it means that  we – as always – challenge our customers to optimize their energy use, and that we report our progress on savings.

COC Endorser Coulor

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