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Graphic Profile

Welcome to our Graphic Profile page. Here, you’ll find essential guidelines for the correct use of Coromatic’s logotypes. To maintain a strong and cohesive brand image, all printed and digital materials must adhere to the rules and instructions detailed in our design guide below.


Design guides and logotypes

Our design guide provides comprehensive instructions for the proper usage of Coromatic’s logotypes. It ensures consistency across all communications.


Design guide

Download the official design guide. This guide outlines specifications for typography, color palette, and logo placement.



Our logotypes should be used correctly and without alterations to preserve their integrity and brand recognition. The following packages are available:


Coromatic logo

Coromatic logo for print use
Coromatic logo for digital use


Coromatic chainChain symbol for print use
Chain symbol for digital use


Coromatic tagline

Tagline mark for print use
Tagline mark for digital use


Contact information

For any questions regarding the use of our logotypes or further guidance on our graphic profile, please contact: