Tieto Corporation trusts Coromatic and its latest emergency power solutions

Coromatic has delivered Europe’s first emergency power solution using new technology to Tieto Corporation’s data center


Coromatic has delivered a design award winning Hitec Power Pro 2700 DRUPS to the data center of Tieto Corporation in Espoo, Finland. It secures the feeding-power requirements during power failure. The system delivered to Tieto is the first Hitec Power Pro 2700 in Europe. Its DRUPS technology combines the features of UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply) and a generator. The DRUPS weighs 26 tons and it is 8 meters long.

Coromatic Drups installation Tieto Enator, Finland

In a emergency power solution the UPS device and emergency power system are separate units. In case of a power failure there would be a 10–15 seconds outage, if the UPS device would not secure the feeding-energy while the emergency power system turns on. This outage could cause great harm to the operation of a data center or any production unit. The diesel generator of DRUPS (Diesel Rotary UPS) starts in two seconds.

DRUPS also saves considerable amount of floor space, and several units can be installed in a modular way. Due to the simple new technology there are less points prone to failure, and the system has a life cycle of 50 years. It operates in an ecological way without batteries so no hazardous waste is being produced.

— The demand for DRUPS is growing strongly. For instance healthcare care and hospitals are interested in dependable DRUPS in Finland, says the Managing Director of Coromatic Marianne Hynninen.

The amount of data keeps growing

There seem to be no limits to the growing amount of data. Digitalization, Internet of Things, businesses based on platforms and their ecosystems are moving forward with an accelerating speed. Contacts with officials and banks are moving online and so the data files multiply. The EU legislation concerning information security will tighten when the new information security laws come into effect in 2018. Simply the amount of images taken and stored with smart phones has been predicted to be almost 5 billion in 2017. Demand for safe and reliable data centers grows and data centers are becoming a part of crucial infrastructure.

— The feeding-power and data communications must work dependably and without fail. In the core of maintaining critical facilities are operation strategy, design, integration and . To secure our operations we need reliable partners, like Coromatic, offering professional expertise and services, states Veijo Terho, Manager Data Center Facilities of Tieto Corporation.

UPS system: Uninterruptible Power Supply
DRUPS system: Diesel Rotary Uninterruptible Power Supply

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