Technical Risk Review

The competent service technicians of Coromatic not only maintain site systems and handle incidents. We take pride in being proactive in risk reduction for our customers.

Professional walk-through of your site

Through the Technical Risk Review (TRR) you get a professional walk-through of your site. This is performed by one or several competent service technicians to ensure that technical risks are noted and reported to the site owner. The report includes recommendations and possible ways to mitigate the risks.

The Technical Risk Review is tailored to the site that is being reviewed so that relevant tools are being used.

Thermal imaging

Thermal imaging is one of the tools we use. Technicians can study the internal heat flow in detail which enables them to detect irregularities before they become incidents, for example in switchgear or environmental control systems.

Fuel and fuel tank testing can include several aspects, for example vacuum measurement or fluid laboratory analyses. These provides insights that can prevent future break-downs or compliance breaches.

The Technical Risk Review may reveal some potential high-risk areas that need further investigations to ensure that the site’s criticality is not fundamentally compromised. This enables the customer to perform a complete Site assessment delivered by Coromatic Advisory

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