System Optimization Assessment

When performing a System Optimization Assessment (SOA), our experienced service technicians provide professional views for improving site system performance and reduce costs.

We take pride in being proactive and helping our customers to find ways to reduce costs.

Tailored to the site systems

The System Optimization Assessment is tailored to the site systems so that the results are relevant. This is done by agreeing the scope of the assessment and then working through the different factors that may affect performance and cost of the site systems.

Some factors that may be considered are current site system configurations and the performance of the current setup compared to new systems available in the market.

Assessing if the current system configuration is optimal, could for example be too much cooling applied compared to what is required. When comparing current performance in existing systems with the effectiveness of replacement alternatives available in the market, this is exemplified by how much can be saved through UPS replacement or upgrades.

The report includes practical recommendations and possible ways to improve performance and lower costs based on our broad and hands-on experience.

Improve or refurbish the site

The System Optimization Assessment helps the customer plan to improve or refurbish the site to increase its performance and cost efficiency. It can also be used as a starting point for preparing a formal business case with full financial modelling which can be provided by Coromatic Advisory

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