Full service

With a Full Service Agreement, we protect your site’s high level of uptime with 24/7 access to skilled and certified technicians, including critical spare parts.

Your agreement is tailored to protect your critical assets, including different severity levels for different site systems.

Budgeting is predictable as the service fees include all time and materials, even in the event of multiple incidents, and we offer the possibility to change service levels at different times, such as during critical events.

The 24/7 Service Desk and pre-agreed incident escalations and governance contacts enables you to focus on your core business with peace of mind.

You stay in control with recurring dashboard-based site reporting, technical risk reviews and system optimization assessments.

Coromatic Full service agreement

Elements included in Coromatic Full Service Agreement

  • 24/7 Service Desk with defined escalation contacts
  • 24/7 on-site maintenance including all time and materials
  • Standardized recurring dashboard reporting
  • Statutory reporting, e.g. for cooling systems
  • Compliance reporting, e.g. energy consumption or security
  • Technical Risk Reviews, e.g. thermal imaging or fuel tank testing
  • System Optimization Assessments, e.g. energy use reduction
  • Off-line lifecycle battery risk monitoring


Optional elements in Coromatic Full Service Agreement

  • On-line lifecycle battery risk monitoring
  • Lifecycle risk monitoring of other site systems
  • Scheduled technician on site, e.g. weekly check-ups
  • Complete Black Building testing

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