Information from Services connected to the current world situation with a pandemic and ongoing war in Ukraine

The current world situation with a pandemic and ongoing war in Ukraine affects us all very much. For Coromatic Services’ operations we see fuel prices rising, and availability and delivery times for new equipment such as batteries, chillers, UPS-systems and spare parts generally deteriorating.

It is therefore important that our contract customers who are not full-service customers, to whom we have dedicated spare parts or replacement systems, review their assessed needs going forward.

Please have the following in mind:

  • Order fuel for your reserve power units although you may not yet have reached normal order points.
  • Review whether you should order frequently used spare parts and stock them in-house.
  • If you have you planned replacements of units or changes in your facilities, order these as early as possible so that equipment can be secured.
  • If you would like an extra review of the status of your facility please order an “extra” service visit.

Feel free to read about Coromatic’s offer Operation Center, where you and we together can find a more proactive and predictive method to secure your facility.

Coromatic monitors the situation continuously. In addition to the mentioned material shortcomings, delivery times and anticipated price increases in transport, we currently have no disturbances in our delivery capacity. Our basic staff and our ability to deliver services 24/7 have not been affected by the current situation.

Please contact us on tel. +46 (0)8 564 605 90 or if you have any queries.