About emergency power

Power solutions

Coromatic offers all or selected parts of an emergency power solution. From design, engineering, and manufacturing to installation, deployment, and preventative maintenance.

Coromatic emergency power

Emergency power is important insurance against power failure

To meet feeding-power requirements for all or large parts of an operation during power failure, the only alternative is using one or more diesel generators. Emergency power is important insurance against power failure. As with other insurance, a solution must be in place to offer (i) the right protection in the current situation and (ii) a safe solution over time. Coromatic is that insurance.

Control systems

The control system is the single most important part of an emergency power system. It is integrated to function seamlessly with switchgear and monitoring. We’re experts when it comes to the most prevalent control systems on the market, and we specialize in multiple facilities.

For customers with older, obsolete control systems, but otherwise intact equipment, we offer opportunities to rebuild and modernize data centers.

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