Prefabricated data centers

Coromatic is a one-stop-shop for prefabricated data centers, manufactured with Scandinavian quality.

Coromatic prefabricated data centers

Customized prefabricated data centers

Coromatic developed this concept. we customize modular prefabricated data centers, i.e., we base the design on each customer’s needs and conditions associated with the site on which the facility will be assembled.

In the last few years, demand for modular constructions has increased due to their flexibility and short delivery times.

Own production of data center

Coromatic now offers manufacturing of prefabricated data centers. Our solutions are adaptable, safe and offer the best conditions for our customers’ technology. At Coromatic we always strive to maintain a high level of customization and a high quality of our shelter solutions.

Weatherproof data centers

Our prefabricated solutions are based on sandwich technology made of composite material. This means that despite its lightness, the constructions are wheaterproof in all climates.

We base our shelter offering on three basic modules of prefabricated data centers: Prime shelter, Smart shelter och Safe shelter, which are tailored in different versions based on customers’ requirements on aspects such as safety, climate and different applications.

In addition to prefabricated data centers and different types of safe and robust technical buildings and broadband shelters, we also offer, for example, switchgear and transformer kiosks, and mobile mast units.

Our modular building units live up to the highest safety standards and are therefore also used for military purposes.

We also manufacture different shelters for the telecom industry. They are used for both temporary and permanent solutions and are tailored to fit each customer’s needs.

Our modular building units can also house wind power equipment. All our prefabricated data centers are built of composite material.

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