Data Center Interior

The right conditions are met with the proper order

We don’t just help you dimension your data center in accordance with your needs; we also supply equipment that takes care of everything from servers and cables to dirty feet in the facility. The racks make out a large part of the data center.

We help you choose the best racks for you, depending on your projected cooling solution, your electricity needs and the amount of cables used. This means that you can ensure that everything in your server room works and fits in the best possible fashion. If an integrated cabinet better suits your needs we’ll arrange for one of those instead.

Proper racks and cabinets

Using the proper racks and cabinets for your equipment simplifies the installation and service operations, and gives a better overview of the center. We work with the worlds’ leading distributors of rack solutions and cable handling, and offer several smart solutions for vertical and horizontal cabling. More complex data centers place new demands on power distribution.

We supply power distribution

Coromatic can supply all the Power Distribution Units you need to handle all your equipment, and to monitor and measure power in the fastest and most secure way possible. The small details usually make the largest difference. That’s why we make sure that your data center upholds the same high standards throughout, from the systems for cable tagging to the adhesive carpets that prevent dirt from entering the data center.

All of these things are part of the bigger picture.

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