About data centers

Coromatic has extensive experience in designing, building, and maintaining data centers and server rooms. Just like the heart to the bloodstream, the data center is the digital heart of each company’s network. Throughout the years, we have designed and built more than 1,000 different data centers and server rooms. Consequently, we’re skilled at understanding the needs of each organization so that we create the best solution for your data center.

There are no shortcuts to the right data center solutions

We consider each customer’s specific needs and account for prevailing conditions. Based on the information we gather, we present a proposal for your data center solution.

Coromatic data centers

Strong focus on environmental factors and energy efficiency

Besides the obvious security requirements, strong focus on environmental factors and energy efficiency characterize our technical planning and designs. This way, we take responsibility for the environment, while saving money in the data center.

Our strength is our ability to see the big picture. We have all the necessary skills inside our organization. We take responsibility for the data center as a whole, and we ensure that various parts and systems work together for optimum availability levels.

Throughout the years, we have delivered several solutions for heat recovery in data centers, which is one way to optimize a solution from an environmental perspective. In other words, the goal is to produce a solution with the right security without compromising on energy optimization and environmental aspects.

Most of our projects are turnkey data centers, where we take responsibility for the agreed functionality. We include everything from civil works, construction of buildings, rooms, or prefabricated modules, raised floor, electrical installations including uninterruptible power supply (UPS) and generators, cooling, fire extinguishing and detection, monitoring, BMS, DCIM, rack, PDU, and network cabling.

Three main phases of a new data center project

During these phases, we manage:

  • Before: site selection, existing infrastructure audits, business continuity audits, needs assessments, conceptual design, detailed design, assisting in municipal approvals and permits
  • During: construction, installations, project management, commissioning
  • After: maintenance and service, annual audits, upgrades, and expansions

Because we always base our proposals on each customer’s specific needs and requirements, we work without a pre-select type of solution or brand. In this way, we propose solutions from suppliers that constitute the very best fit for each specific data center.

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