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In Sweden, we have offices in Bromma, Gothenburg, Malmö, Norrköping, Halmstad, and Ostersund. We are also in Denmark, Norway, and Finland.

Coromatic specializes in building technologically advanced solutions for critical facilities. With the help of constant access to power and data communication, we ensure that organizations keep their business running 24/7, without interruption. We take full responsibility for the entire process, from concept and planning to service and maintenance. We combine the latest findings and technical innovations with extensive practical experience.

Leading suppliers in of precision cooling, UPS, backup power solutions and physical security

We build about 50 data centers every year. In these projects, our specialized project managers and installers carry out the construction and commissioning. Every link in the security chain is equally strong. Through collaboration with world’s leading suppliers in of precision cooling, UPS, backup power solutions as well as physical security, we guarantee the highest quality products.

We also provide maintenance of the selected function and security via reliable contracts for IT continuity.