Coromatic wins contract to deliver emergency power to University Hospital Køge

Security of power supply for major hospitals is a key offering at Coromatic, locally and in the Nordics, and they are looking forward to delivering a reliable and long-term solution to the regional hospital in Køge.

When choosing the best offer from the criteria listed by University Hospital Køge, it is always a matter of balancing, among other things, price and quality: “For us it has been important to select an emergency power solution for the hospital which is functional and meets our requirements, and we have chosen Coromatic as a supplier because they meet our requirements better than their competitors, says Helle Gaub, Project Director Region Sjælland.

Emergency power is extremely important

“Safety is the foundation of a hospital. To us, delivering safety is key – and therefore the emergency power system is extremely important. Our equipment is sensitive, and our patients’ survival depends on everything always going according to plan. Emergency power is crucial for us to be able to guarantee safety for our patients, states Helle Gaub.

She mentions a challenge in the University Hospital Køge project – that a technical building, such as a hospital, must comply with local noise and facade regulations etc. – and also in this regard Coromatic has offered a satisfactory solution.

Experience from other hospitals in the Nordics

Jess Thorsen, Business Area Manager in Coromatic, is pleased with winning the contract:

“Providing security of power supply in health care is one of our key offerings, locally and in the Nordics. We have extensive experience in contributing to a contemporary and modern health care system on the supply side – and have participated in similar projects at other major hospitals in Denmark, Norway and Sweden. It is important for us to be at the forefront of development and to contribute to patient safety by designing, delivering and subsequently servicing critical installations at regional hospitals.”

Keeping the plant running long-term

Long-term operations of the plant are central to Coromatic:

“One thing is designing and delivering an emergency power installation, something else is securing subsequent operations. All components in the entire solution must be sustainable and of high quality. We are committed to operating the plant during its entire lifetime, and we would like to be remembered as the supplier who created the best long-term solution,” states Jess Thorsen.

The emergency power plant at University Hospital Køge was put out to tender in December 2018 and the contract was won by Coromatic in June 2019. The plant will be ready for operation in summer 2021.

For further information please contact:

Helle Gaub, Projektdirektør, Region Sjælland

Tel. +45 24 96 97 34


Jess Thorsen, Business Area Manager, Coromatic A/S
Tel. +45 88 16 34 60

About Region Sjælland
The region consists of the previous, smaller regions of Roskilde, Storstrøm and Vestsjælland, including the islands Lolland, Falster, Møn and other, smaller islands. The number of residents is app. 830.000. All together 7 hospitals and clinics are managed by the region and cover multiple areas of responsibilities within health care.

About Coromatic
Coromatic is the leading provider of critical facility solutions. Coromatic safeguards availability of mission-critical power and data communications. Its comprehensive customer proposition covers everything from advisory and design to integration, maintenance and operations of critical facilities. Clients are data centers, hospitals, industries, public organizations and headquarters.
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