Coromatic proud partner to Conapto – finalist at DCD Energy Impact Awards

Coromatic is very proud of our partnership with Conapto – who is now nominated as a finalist at the DCD Energy Impact Award 2023 in London. The nomination is based on the development of a heat reuse system, a solution from Coromatic, for the Stockholm 3 North datacenter.


Coromatic wishes Conapto all the best for the final, on December 6 – and as your partner we will be celebrating the achievement with you.

– This successful initiative is an example of dedicated partnership at its best. The skills of our two companies in combination have resulted in significant benefits for the local community and for both our businesses. This type of sustainable and innovative project is at the heart of our wide solutions offering, says Thomas Wunger, Head of Datacenter Solutions.


The details

Conapto’s Heat Reuse system at Stockholm 3 North is currently shortlisted for the prestigious Energy Impact Award at the DataCenterDynamics (DCD) Awards 2023. The DCD Awards, renowned for recognizing excellence in data center projects, people, and teams, received a record number of entries this year across 17 categories.


Coromatic är stolt partner till Conapto – finalist till DCD Energy Impact Award


– Conapto’s shortlisting is a testament to the groundbreaking nature and results of the Heat Reuse project. The project and our nomination had not been possible without the involvement and expertise from Coromatic, says Håkan Björklund, CEO, Conapto.

The project focus on heat reuse aligns with the industry’s increasing commitment to sustainability. By repurposing excess heat generated by the data center, environmental responsibility is demonstrated, and a benchmark is set out, for others to follow. This commitment to innovation and efficiency stands out in a category that seeks to recognize the most forward-thinking approaches to energy management.


The Energy Impact Award: Recognizing Innovation in Energy Management


The Energy Impact Award category is particularly significant as it acknowledges the critical role data centers play in our modern society while highlighting the importance of sustainable and efficient energy practices. As data centers continue to grow in importance, addressing their energy consumption becomes paramount. This project has been recognized for its forward-thinking and effective solutions in this crucial area. The project’s focus on energy efficiency and innovative energy reuse strategies aligns with the evolving needs of the industry and the global push towards greener technologies.


The judging process, involving the largest and most diverse panel of experts in the 17-year history of the awards, signifies the rigorous evaluation undertaken to select the shortlist. The inclusion among the finalists reflects not only the project’s technical skill level but also its positive impact on the energy landscape within the data center industry.


We look forward to contributing further to the advancement of sustainable practices within the data center industry. The shortlisting is not just a recognition of past accomplishments but an encouragement to continue pioneering initiatives that shape the future of data center operations.


The winners will be revealed at a live ceremony on December 6, 2023, in London.

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