Strategy & Site Portfolio Management

Coromatic helps to connect business goals with design of the infrastructure. This may apply to new construction as well as to a portfolio of existing facilities. Business demands, and selected strategies should interact and form a foundation for the business. Coromatic can also assist with business impact analyzes (BIA) of strategy changes. In order to create a comprehensive picture, knowledge is needed of relevant costs and risks connected to critical infrastructure which needs to be part of the decision.

Coromatic has experience of thousands of mission-critical facilities and how they best can be built, developed and managed. In addition to providing uninterruptible functions, it is imperative that the critical facility can deliver a sustainable result for a long time, especially in terms of limited energy and environmental impact.

Business Case Development

Appropriate financial calculations to support healthy business decisions.

Investments in critical facilities require appropriate financial calculations to support sound business decisions. Business cases developed by Coromatic align your business targets and enable management to assess these on equal footing to other investment requests.

DC Strategy & Site Selection

Global strategy to secure, protect and get a robust site portfolio.

Investments in critical facilities have large impacts on business operations resilience. It may also have large influence on external stakeholders’ confidence. Coromatic performs global site selections while protecting customers identity and confidentiality where required.

Transition of Operations (Outsourcing)

Reliable transition of site operations.

When sourcing critical facilities operations, the first phase is to perform the transition between current and new state. This may be outsourcing, insourcing or change of service provider. Coromatic plans, executes and quality assures the transition by covering such topics as team mobilization, assets, border list, customer process integration, roles & responsibilities and documentation.

Site Portfolio Management

A 360 degrees view of critical facilities to realize business targets.

Portfolio management of critical facilities requires a capability to take on a 360 degrees view regarding such topics as, prioritization based on business criticality, investments and divestments of assets, energy efficiency, geographical location, financial and technical performance of operations and resilience.
The portfolio manager ensures that the portfolio has a balanced mix to realize common C-level targets by aligning the targets of several management stakeholders. These are typically IT, RE and FM.

Strategy for Energy & Environmental improvements

Energy & Environmental improvements to sustainably control consumption and costs.

Implementing and monitoring Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s) for energy use is an efficient way to get in control of your business power consumption. The use of monitoring tools will give management the foundation to evaluate, analyze and optimize operations, as the data is collected and organized in meaningful, actionable information.

Sustain your management control by continuous monitoring and recurring management reporting on operating results of energy management projects performed by Coromatic.

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