Performance Improvement & Cost Reduction

Coromatic can also improve operations in existing facilities through services. Based on long time experience and knowledge, Coromatic has the ability to lead the development of benchmarking programs, service levels, key ratios and other efficiency enhancement measures. This will lead to efficiency improvements in the infrastructure as well as in surrounding work processes.

Coromatic assists clients with strategic advice how operations of critical facilities can be optimized and designed, implemented and quality assured. Together with performance improvements by setting measurable financial targets, identifying cost-driving factors, and ensuring long-term and short-term objectives. This includes full life cycle management (LCM), processes and assets. Handling of equipment that will reach end of life (EOL) or less efficient equipment. This service may also include the transfer of costs from CAPEX to OPEX.

Benchmarking Services

Benchmark company site operations against your peers.

Based on our unique benchmarking database and market leading surveys our customers can review their site operations. Comparisons can be made against more than 500 organizations, headquartered in more than 10 different countries. Peer analysis can be made by industry, country, company size etc.

Key Performance Indicators (KPI)

Implement KPI for monitoring the business and critical facilities operations.

Implementing and monitoring correct Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s) is an efficient way to get in control of your business. KPI’s will give management foundation to evaluate, analyze and optimize operations. Sustain your management control by recurring KPI reviews performed by Coromatic.

Service Level Agreements (SLA)

Management control of performance and service levels.

Ensure management control of performance and costs by establishing measurable SLA’s for critical facilities operations. Sustain your management control by recurring SLA reviews performed by Coromatic.

Performance Improvement

Improve and enhance the performance of your Critical Facilities.

Executing a performance improvement program for critical facilities poses a special challenge to organizations. In order to realize common C-level targets several stakeholders need to be aligned, while still managing their separate operations. These stakeholders are typically IT, RE and FM. Coromatic plans, executes and quality assures the performance improvement by capturing long term and quick wins while making cost benefit prioritizations to close gaps between the current state and management demand for a wanted future state.

Cost reduction

Management control and cost reduction.

It can be challenging to execute cost reductions associated to critical facilities in an effective way. Coromatic will improve governance by taking inventory of the companies objectives, set clear targets and actions for possible savings and assist in implementing the decided changes.

Topics include full lifecycle management, processes and assets. Handling of non-efficient equipment or equipment that is end of life (EOL) is a crucial part. This service could also handle change of costs from CAPEX to OPEX.

Energy Optimization

Get true cost savings and positive environmental impact.

There are several different KPIs available to measure energy efficiency and environmental impacts, such as PUE (Power Usage Effectiveness), WUE (Water Usage Effectiveness) or CUE (Carbon Usage Effectiveness). Our starting point is the total energy use for the site operations where we identify cost drivers and optimization opportunities rather than selecting a single KPI beforehand. If we need to choose one KPI, it would be NZE (Net Zero Energy Efficiency) which considers every flow of energy including recycling from your business. With our approach, you get a clear business case that ensures relevant actions and measurable KPIs to reduce energy billing costs.

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