About uninterrupted power supply

Safe, uninterrupted power supply is essential for all businesses. The more critical the activity, the higher the demands that must be put on securing the power supply. All is about protecting the business against short and long interruptions – as well as protecting IT equipment from unnecessary wear and tear due to poor power quality – even during normal operation. Within power supply, Coromatic is specialized in uninterruptible power supply. In combination with UPS we also deliver diesel generators.

Coromatic uninterrupted power supply

Continuous, reliable power supply is a must in many contexts

Our customers benefit from our extensive experience, technical expertise, and partnerships with leading manufacturers. This is true whether we are offering a single product or complete solutions including design, engineering, documentation, and commissioning.

Wide range of solutions

Coromatic provides a wide range of solutions for reliable solutions that are used directly or are adapted into perfectly customized solutions. We can, for example, supplement standard solutions with special products and make enclosures for various IP classes or EX enclosures (explosion proof).

Continuous, reliable power is a must in many contexts. At Coromatic, we deliver uninterrupted power and UPS systems from the smallest systems to the most complex. We deliver uninterrupted power for everything from data centers and telecommunications centers to industrial and marine applications, hospitals, and emergency lighting. In short, environments that must always be up and running.

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