Strategic management advice

Strategic management advice for secure and sustainable operations.

Digitalization enables things that we could once only dream about, while challenging traditional business models. Although digitalization brings many new opportunities, it also places entirely new demands on infrastructure, with seemingly basic aspects as power supply and data communication becoming crucial for maintaining operations. Operations need to run 24/7, and management teams need to have access to the right information anywhere – and at any time.

To connect infrastructure to business strategy – Coromatic has developed a method based on three steps; Analyze, Act & Sustain

  1. Analyze
    Enterprises should create an informed management approach by prioritizing their critical infrastructure from a business criticality perspective.
  2. Act
    The risks and expectations then serve as the basis for a continuous improvement plan for critical infrastructure management and a discussion on the cost vs the risk of not continuously improving operations.
  3. Sustain
    Finally, companies should ensure that sustainable operation of the critical infrastructure is in place over time.

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