Why is the traditional centralized cloud environment not enough?

Edge Computing refers to computing nodes that are close to users data processing. In the same breath experts speak about structuring Big Data in a Fog. So why isn´t the traditional cloud solution with its datacenter more than enough?

Our business environment is changing rapidly

The new needs start from the change in our operating environment. Instruments are connected globally to information networks at an accelerating pace. In the IOT network we can read information from devices and they can be controlled over the Internet. And IOT needs fast data processing.  Let’s think about controlling robot or 500-tonne self-driving dumpsters in the mining area thru network. If there is an abrupt hurdle on the route, the obstacle must be passed quickly enough. Intelligent traffic simply does not work if the latency time is long or the information moves too slowly. Therefore, data processing must be brought close to the user. The closer the machine is to the user, the faster the data needs to be transferred. The solution is called Edge Computing.

Fog Computing is also a new term for many. It is a very efficient network that surrounds us like a fog. Latency time is shorter, so new solutions such as intelligent vehicle guidance, automation, robotic solutions and air traffic control can be implemented.

The Edge enhances power, speed, reliability and cost-effectiveness

Edge Computing means bringing IT power and real-time computing power near the device and the user. For example, a containerized data center be built in the mining area, from which dumpsters are managed and driven. This kind of modular data center has all the same elements than traditional data center: emergency power, UPS and cooling. Coromatic supplies a variety of Edge solutions for a 1-2 month period of delivery when normally the delivery time of the Data center building project approaches half a year with its design and construction phases.

The benefits of Edge Data Center include speed, ease of placement, transferability, cost-effectiveness, and accurate design for customer needs. The information is safely handled close to the site where data availability is secured – connections work while reliability is improved. The solution is easy to move to another site if needed. When power is dimensioned according to the user’s needs, you will not have  unnecessary costs. If the purchase of a full-service server room costs your business the same as a new home, ie hundreds of thousands of euros, the investment cost of a container store is a fraction of this.

What about security?

The European Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) has been the hot potato of the last couple of years. And it’s still there. The customer’s concerns about the security and security of the IT solution are well-founded. Edge solutions are built so that no outsider can access data in any situation. Data is stored and verified in centralized data centers.

Hyperconvergence is the new built-in architecture of the data center

The Edge Container Room is a pretty agile and cost-effective solution. It also supports a very new technology wave, called hyperconvergence. Hyperconvergence is a machine architecture with integrated servers, storage, network and virtualization on the same platform. Hyperconvergence could be described as a kind of IT hamburger with a whole IT solution between the roll. The advantage thus constitutes an entity that is centrally maintained and its management is easy, as well as the benefits for the business I mentioned earlier, such as data processing speed, system flexibility, and cost-effectiveness.

Edge and Hyperconvergence solutions are suitable for your business when your business is decentralized to many different locations. For example, if production is expanding overseas or even to another continent, the Edge system will allow IT systems in a new production site to be synchronized with real-time to headquarters.

Coromatic have experience and implementation history for these types of projects. If you are interested in Edge solutions, please turn to us, we can help and advise you.

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