Prime shelter

Coromatic’s Prime shelter is one of three prefabricated basic modules, tailored according to customer needs.  It is built for trouble-free operation in all climates, including desert, arctic and tropical climates.

Prime shelter is a very light and economical prefabricated building module, which provides the customer’s equipment with a protected and controlled environment in the form of, for example, a broadband shelter or electrical distribution center. It is suitable for use in both defense and telecommunications.

Prime shelter in different configurations

Prime shelter can be delivered in various configurations, from a simple basic version to a complete and fully installed solution, to meet customers’ security and transportation needs:

  • Prime shelter with a stone face exterior
  • Accommodation shelter and Commando shelter – are aimed at customers in defense. The various building modules may contain equipment for bedrooms, offices, machine rooms, training rooms or dining rooms. In our Accommodation shelter, various room functions are linked to a practical and functional solution with a high comfort factor.
  • Bullet protection – building module is specially designed to withstand bullets of various calibers. It therefore provides additional protection for customers’ technology and telecom equipment.
  • Burglar protection – building module is designed specifically to handle high-end burglary attempts. It therefore provides additional protection for customers’ technology and telecom equipment.

Prime shelter in its various configurations is designed on an ISO frame with sandwich panels, ensuring a robust and easily transported solution.

The modular building unit is built in composite material and is available with electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) protection, ensured to protect electrical, radio and telecommunication equipment. Externally it can be fitted with various corrosion free facades.

All installations and lead-throughs are performed according to customer requirements. Prime shelter is designed and manufactured according to ISO 9001 and ISO 14001.

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