Flat pack

Coromatic’s Flat pack is a prefabricated lightweight module that can be placed anywhere, for example, on the ground, a roof or a mountaintop. The Solution is based on finished flooring modules and panels. No concrete foundation is therefore needed.

Flat pack is compact and easy to transport

Dismantled, the Flat pack is a very compact modular building unit, making it easy to transport. The assembly kit includes floor and panel wall components and may even fit in a lift.

  • Easy to assemble. Two people, who only need standard hand-held tools, can carry out assembly in less than eight hours. The module is also easy to demount for later relocation.
  • Coromatic Flat pack is maintenance free and can be designed in different sizes. The solution is suitable for different applications in e.g. telecommunications and defense. Our basic module Smart shelter can be supplied as Flat pack.

Design and facts

  • Construction: Based on a sandwich structure, which ensures quality and the stability of the building
  • Foundation: Adjustable foot and frame system. No concrete foundation needed.
  • Bearing structure: External self-bearing steel framework for optimal interior volume and ease of maintenance
  • Climate: Delivered with compact machinery for fast and effective temperature surveillance
  • Internal height: Max 6 meters. Length and width according to specifications
  • Installation time: 1-3 weeks
  • Total delivery time: 6-10 weeks

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