Composite materials

Since 1987 our factory near Piteå in the North of Sweden has manufactured different types of modular building units made of composite materials and tailored to customers’ requirements. The finished modules are sent to the customers’ location space for mounting and installation – no matter where in the world they are located.

Composite materials combining lightweight with durability

The modular building units are manufactured from composite material of polystyrene, combining lightweight with durability. The composite material is also waterproof, wind resistant and suitable for all climates. The composite material that we use is built up of layers in a sandwich construction, usually with one level of polystyrene (Expanderad PolyStyren or Extruderad PolyStyren), covered by two layers of another material glued to the polystyrene layer. The surface layer is selected based on the desired characteristics of the unit. There are many advantages of the composite material:

  • Light
  • Strong
  • Good insulation against heat and cold
  • Resistant to moist and water
  • No risk of bending or breaking
  • Durable in any climate

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