Critical facilities solutions

Coromatic are experts in Critical Facilities Solutions. Today, society is connected 24/7. No matter what you do, where you go or what you work with, your life depends on digital solutions. It could even be said that power and data communications supply makes the world go round. Without it, hospitals cannot save lives, businesses stop making money, factories can’t produce, and trains don’t run.

Coromatic critical facilities solutions

For everything to work, power and data communications supply is mission-critical

When everything and everyone is connected, operations are no longer separate entities. We think that all operations and businesses – no matter how big or small – are their own data centers. Historically, companies built huge data centers to store and manage all their data and communications.

With cloud services evolution and the internet of things, companies increasingly need to rely on stable internal and external networks to stay connected with services and information. Thus, the in-house infrastructure has become the nerve center of operations maintenance.

Coromatic provides critical facilities solutions

Coromatic is the leading provider of critical facility solutions in the Nordic region. Via continual power and data communications supply, we ensure that organizations keep their business operations running, without disruption, 24/7.

What makes us unique is our comprehensive energy efficient solutions, which provide everything from strategy and design, to integration, maintenance, and operations of critical facilities and infrastructure. Coromatic does it all.

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