Specialized in customized power products

Do you have a specific problem, a project, or just a question you need to get answered? Don’t hesitate to call us! We solve large and small challenges every day and you can trust our many years of experience. Coromatic provides a wide range of solutions for reliable power supply that are used directly or are adapted into perfectly customized solutions.


Coromatic concept solutions

We can carry out different types of customizations, such as:

  • Building complete systems based on standard products
  • Making adaptations of standard products
  • Creating tailored products for specific needs

Our customizations may be based on Coromatic’s standard products within UPS, power supply and energy efficiency, which can be supplemented with the following special components:

  • Enclosures, e.g. for different IP classes or EX enclosures (explosion proof)
  • Centers
  • Assembly, e.g. fasteners and stands

We are happy to discuss any special solutions within our area of ​​expertise, and develop a solution for you, even if it does not include Coromatic’s usual product range. We can make special enclosure of inverters, rectifiers and UPS to mobile and ship/offshore applications, trains, planes and military applications.

Physical security

Physical security means protection against power failures, fire, and flue gas, water, explosion, magnetism, burglary and sabotage, and protection against lightning and voltage changes in the grid. Most organizations protect their IT systems against virus attacks. But how protected is the physical equipment in the data center?

IT hardware (and thus sensitive data) is at risk of damage due to humidity, water leaks, power outages, or fire. Risk of burglary or sabotage is also a factor that must be considered – to achieve a secure data center. By securing IT systems in burglary safe, climate-controlled data centers, switching to emergency power systems, and installing access control and alarm equipment, we ensure that the physical conditions are in place for operating the facility without disruption.

Coromatic delivers a variety of solutions for physical security. The solutions we offer will vary depending on how mission-critical your systems and your information are. We analyze your needs with you – to find optimal solutions in terms of safety and cost. We take responsibility for all planning, installation, and documentation.


We carry out installation and deployment of all products needed in a critical facility, from simple UPSs with a few PCs, to the most comprehensive solutions including fire- and burglar alarms, communication, power, cooling etc. We make sure the equipment works when you need it!

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