We enable companies and organizations to run their operations without disruption

Digitalization makes things possible that we could once only dream about, while challenging traditional business models. Digitalization helps companies save time and money, while making more products and services available to more customers at a lower cost. We will see many exciting opportunities and applications emerge in the future.

New demands on infrastructure

However, digitalization also puts entirely new demands on infrastructure, with seemingly basic things such as power supply and data communication becoming crucial in terms of maintaining operations. Having been regarded in the past as support functions, communication is critical for any organization.

For example, what would banks do without an internet connection? Or mobile operators without functioning base stations? Or hospitals without operating X-ray machines? Robust and stable data communication is quite simply vital to the functioning of all organizations. This is why we call it mission critical infrastructure.

As the leading supplier of mission critical infrastructure solutions, for example, data centers, Coromatic secures access to power supply and data communication. Put simply, we enable companies and organizations to run their operations without disruption.
Coromatic has a unique and comprehensive service offering, and we take full responsibility from strategy and design to the integration, maintenance and operation of business-critical infrastructure. Our expertise includes energy-efficient comprehensive solutions for power, cooling, networks, data communication and security.

Advisory service

In pace with digitalization and the fact that operations now need to function 24/7, investment in mission-critical facilities is becoming an increasingly complex and strategic issue. Along with our team of senior advisors, we help organizations analyze their requirements, create strategies for mission-critical facilities and implement these to guarantee that the installations function without disruption.

We can assist with any form of technical advice and can supply everything from infrastructure parts to complete, turnkey facilities. All of this leads to enhanced efficiency and performance improvements at a reduced cost.

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