Critical facilities advisory

Why strategy is important

In a world in which everything and everyone is connected, operations cannot work as separate entities anymore. Operations need to run 24/7, and management teams need to have access to the right information anywhere – and at any time.


Coromatic critical facility advisory

Consequently, a mission-critical facilities investment is becoming an increasingly complex, strategic issue. When new headquarters or production plants are being built, various measures must be accounted for at the design stage – to ensure that facilities are optimized to work without disruption. This is where Coromatic’s advisory service plays a key role.

What we do

Through sophisticated customer-needs analyses, our senior advisors help to create strategies for mission-critical facilities and implement them to ensure that the facilities operate without disruption.

Our key concepts include increased efficiency, performance improvements, and reduced costs. Coromatic plays an active role in strengthening management processes for business continuity in national and international customer organizations. Our strategic advisory services are always based on facts, analyses, experience, and best practice for mission-critical facilities.

How we do it

We work closely with our customers. We agree on scope and direction before we get started. To help them achieve their critical facilities’ strategic objectives, we base our advice on proven tools such as business impact assessments and peer benchmarking – and we take on projects with the intention of improving performance and achieving cost reductions.

Who we are

Coromatic offers a team of senior advisors who have extensive experience when it comes to strategic factors associated with critical facilities’ designs and operations.

Contact information

Göran Egnell, head of Critical Facilities Advisory, +46 708 54 52 72 or Kristina Norrman, Critical Facilities Advisory, +46 703 18 93 01

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