Service and support

Coromatic’s service organization consists of technicians who are specifically trained in areas of expertise required to run a critical facility without disruption. Because Coromatic’s operation is nation-wide, its customers can always trust that the right technician is available in the right place within the guaranteed response time for securing an operating environment.

Coromatic provides prevention service in 1,350 facilities in Sweden. The same technicians, partners, and specialists are also involved when Coromatic constructs and brings new facilities into operation (about 160 annually). Keeping facilities running is simply what we do. Every day.


Coromatic’s trained technicians manage critical environments; all technicians have the latest certifications for various products from our suppliers. In cooperation with Coromatic’s partner network, Coromatic can assume total responsibility of customers’ critical facilities – ensuring that all operate without interruption.

As part of Coromatic’s ongoing service and maintenance operation, its specialists go on site to analyze and define specific problems and develop solutions for them. Its national service operation is run from offices in Bromma, Göteborg, Malmö, Norrköping, Halmstad, and Östersund.

Service documentation management

Coromatic’s staff understands the importance of coordinating and documenting all issues and service activities in customers’ critical systems. So Coromatic’s service coordinators process and manage all communication and feedback with customers. The result? Easy access to planned and implemented activities within Coromatic’s service system, along with all other information about customers’ facilities.

One SPOC —020-450505 — many contacts

Coromatic’s customers quickly and easily get in touch with its service operation via a single point of contact – a service phone number – regardless of when help is needed. A single call solves all problems and takes care of all products and functions within facilities.

Proactive prevention

To prevent interruptions and maintain a business without interruption, Coromatic ensures that customers’ operating environments are regularly maintained and serviced, with scheduled activities.

Each function-area technician regularly performs prevention service for all functions included in the facilities. As per applicable laws and regulations, Coromatic’s staff conducts service visits based on various service levels – depending on function and construction. The service schedule indicates when customers can expect a visit from our technicians. After all service visits, all service orders are logged into Coromatic’s service system.

Technicians on site

When incidents occur, then service technician are sent to the sites. This automatically occurs via an alarm or via customers’ operations staff. Coromatic has technicians available 24/7 to carry out services that customers need – in line with their service agreements.

Annual check-up

Annual check-up is Coromatic’s service for a critical facility’s annual total overhaul. Coromatic technicians inspect the facility’s general condition and study indicators such as changes, loads, measurements, and temperature. These visits result in written reports, action plans, and recommendations regarding measures to take and changes to make.


By capturing a thermal image of a facility, technicians can study its internal heat flow in detail. Thermography enables them to detect irregularities before they become incidents. So at a very early stage, they can identify error sources the facility and its components (e.g., switchgear and air conditioners).

Qualified data center cleaning

Data centers must be cleaned regularly to maintain clean, healthy environments to protect sensitive equipment. Specially trained Coromatic personnel perform this situation-specific task, based on extensive experience of cleaning critical areas, such as data centers. They understand the specific requirements these facilities impose.


When service and support calls come in, technicians check the facility’s changed conditions and make necessary adjustments. They implement some changes/alterations in conjunction with service calls and include this information in their reports. If major changes are necessary, then they consult with customers.

High availability insurance policy

Through an operational security agreement with Coromatic, its customers receive (i) continuous maintenance of their critical operating environments, based on specific conditions and requirements and (ii) a guaranteed response time regarding when a technician will be on site. Together, we work with customers to develop agreements that meet their requirements for availability, costs, and various types of facilities. In doing so, we accurately align customers’ requirements with appropriate service levels.

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