Network and data communications

A facility’s network and data communication infrastructure should minimize risk of incidents occurring – while relieving and supporting our customers’ operations. The infrastructure must meet current and future needs for expansion and growth. This is no easy task.


An infrastructure used to just carry data and telecommunications traffic. Today it’s burdened by everything from wireless apps, IP cameras, video, AV, access control, indoor coverage for mobile, sensor networks, and facility monitors to powered LED lighting in offices. Consequently, laying infrastructure cable is not a task to be taken lightly.

Coromatic offers extensive networking and data communication experience. Our specialists know how a mission-critical infrastructure is connected to our customers’ daily operations. We develop customized networks for data centers and entire facilities – with solutions for everything from cable systems to mobile communications for an entire building, for example:

  • Design solutions and installation in data centers
  • Operating and future-proof network infrastructure in any property
  • Indoor coverage for mobile solutions
  • Centralized WiFi solutions
  • Intelligent real-time documentation solutions
  • Security (entrance and IP cameras)

Specially trained technicians for network and data communication

Coromatic’s technicians are specially trained in their areas of expertise, and they seamlessly deal with critical environments.

Coromatic and its strong partner network work closely with main components manufacturers. So we offer total turnkey solutions that enable everything from design and planning to installation and deployment.

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