Energy management

Energy Efficiency Audit for energy management

The EU Energy Efficiency Directive (EED 2012/27/EU) for energy management has been implemented as local law by member states. The directive states that large companies have an obligation to make quality assured energy audits at least every four years.

Coromatic energy management

The energy audit will provide answers to how much energy is annually supplied and used to run the business. The energy audit will also give suggestions on possible cost-effective measures to reduce costs, reduce energy consumption and thus improve energy efficiency.

Energy optimization

Several different KPIs are available to measure energy efficiency and environmental impact, such as PUE (Power Usage Effectiveness), WUE (Water Usage Effectiveness) or CUE (Carbon Usage Effectiveness). Our starting point is the total energy use for the site operations where we identify cost drivers and optimization opportunities rather than selecting a single KPI beforehand. If we were to choose one KPI it would be NZE (Net Zero Energy Efficiency) which considers every flow of energy from your business.

With our approach, you receive a clear business case that ensures relevant actions and measurable KPIs to reduce energy billing costs. Coromatic is an endorser of the European Union Code of Conduct for Datacenters and have supported customers in achieving certification.

Energy reuse

Many critical facilities generate excess heat during their operations; this may be industry production plants, power plants as well as hospitals and universities. Heat recovery means that we identify ways to utilizing the energy that would normally be wasted. We do that by feeding it into district heating and thereby providing a source of income for the customer or reusing it for other purposes such as office heating. When applied to critical facilities, it significantly increases the efficiency, thereby reducing energy costs and greenhouse gas pollution simultaneously, which is often part of our customers Company Social Responsibility commitment (CSR).

Energy monitoring

Implementing and monitoring Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s) for energy use is an efficient way to get in control of your business power consumption. The use of monitoring tools will give management the foundation to evaluate, analyze and optimize operations as the data is collected and organized in meaningful, actionable information. Sustain your management control by continuous monitoring and recurring management reporting on operating results of energy management projects performed by Coromatic.

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