Data center analysis

Data center analysis is Coromatic’s tool to give you a health check of your data center.

With extensive industry experience and expertise, our consultants inspect and analyze all components of your data center and give you the current status with recommendations for the future. All to create the most secure data center possible.

Coromatic data center anlaysis

Our efforts include a check against control points for various security levels – as defined in the MSB (Swedish Civil Contingencies Agency) Guide to physical information security in IT facilities ( MSB629 – December 2013).

Our report of your data center analysis meets the MSB standards

The report from your data center analysis provides a comprehensive assessment of how well the data center, computer room, or communications room meets MSB standards, along with recommendations on what to do – to achieve the recommended protection level.

Data center analysis includes:

  • Electricity
  • Cooling
  • Building
  • Fire alarm
  • Operation alarm
  • Data media protection
  • Documentation
  • Service agreement
  • Orderliness in the environment
  • Results and documentation

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