Maintenance of mission critical sites

We provide 24/7 maintenance of your mission critical sites

Stable power and data communication supply plays a crucial role in maintaining the operation of almost any of today’s organizations. In our digitalized society, there is no room for power failure or disruption in data communication. Ensuring the right level of maintenance in time and securing high uptime levels requires a professional provider of maintenance. This is why Coromatic is dedicated to helping organizations of all sizes and ensuring continuous supply of power and data communication, for uninterrupted business 24/7.

Service is in our DNA

Ensuring long term sustainability of our customers’ mission critical sites is central, which is why our maintenance offerings form the core of our business. Whether the challenge involves installing a new UPS, building a new data center or securing power and data communication in a connected work place, our service offering is tightly integrated right from the start of the project. We can also help organizations by providing maintenance of existing mission critical infrastructure to safeguard data and power supply.

Coromatic CF life cycle

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